Monday, 31 January 2011

Futile Attempts

Ok, here is the problem. I am still trying to get used to my sewing machine. Man, they are complicated. And all the ironing I have to do now, never had to when sewing by hand. But I am getting there.

Tried making a purse yesterday and failed. Tried again today and it looks much better.

Here is the failed attempt (I'll show you the semi-successful one another day)

Now a few questions for you experienced sewists.

- Do I have to backstitch all the time? Or how do I make sure the seam doesn't come apart? I want to try some strip piecing and am worried the seams won't hold when I cut the blocks.

- Am thinking of getting a walking foot. Can I use it for piecing and normal sewing too or do I have to change feet all the time?

Will have more questions when they occur to me. Any advice is welcome.

Love, Nadine

Friday, 28 January 2011


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Monday, 24 January 2011

What's next?

I haven't really done much sewing lately, and it feels very strange. I have been playing with my new sewing machine and have reorganised the studio.

Now it's time to get some sewing done. I want to try a small baby quilt completely sewn on the machine to see how much faster it is. The fabrics I have chosen are some pinks and blues on one side and zodiac fabric with oranges, beiges and browns on the other. Let's see how it goes.

Love, Nadine

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Monday, 10 January 2011

Last Finished Project

Hurrah. This is my last finished project of 2010 I started it in December and worked on it over Christmas and finished binding it on New Years Eve.

It's another Quilt-as-you-go-Quilt using Amy Butler on one side and Far Far Away on the other (I can honestly not decide which one is the quilt top).

And this might also be my last completely handmade project as I am now the proud owner of a brand spanking new sewing machine. Yay.

Hope you like this one.

Love, Nadine

close up:

The back (?):

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