Thursday, 1 July 2010

Fabric bliss

Look what the postman delivered today. And it has all arrived within less than a day of shipping, hurrah.

I indulged in some more Patty Young love. The first from Seamstar, very nicely packaged and with a little sewing tips card which is very well designed.

And the second from Fabric Inspirations.

I am determined to support UK shops when I can but I think I am done fabric shopping (I can see my other half nodding violently when he reads this :)

Well, I am only waiting for some of Jessica Levitt's Timber and maybe some Laura Gunn fabric one day. But that's it, except for some Heather Ross maybe? Argh.

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  1. Nice buys I too have really indulged (again!) this week on fabric! I have got the patty young playdates bundle from seamstar too!! Think I'm going to make the waves quilt from OH Frannson. Justine xx

  2. How pretty! I love almost anything by Patty Young...

    Jennifer :)

  3. Yes, the fabric is lovely. I think she is definitely one of my favorite designers. Her colours and fabrics are a lot bolder than most other designers would dare to use. Not the greatest fan of Mezzanine, but then again that one is the most mainstream of her collections maybe and less unusual than the other lines.

  4. Thanks for adding my blog to your side bar Nadine :)