Friday, 8 October 2010

(Almost) Finished Friday

I decided to use straight line quilting and did it diagonally only to discover (or remember rather) that the squares aren't actually even resulting in lines thst aren't evey spaced. Now I need to decide whether I want to quilt diagonay in the otger direction forming crosses and squares. Hm.

And look what I found on ebay. Gorgeous, aren't they?

Love, Nadine

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  1. I had that problem with my Asian wall hanging not being exactly matched up at the corners of the little blocks. I just ignored it and it came out O-K, not great, but from a little distance, you can't even tell. I LOVE those colors together, Nadine! And good find on EBay!

  2. I agree with Jodi. Just ignore it. No one will notice.