Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Christmas again? Already. Yay.

Look what beauty has just arrived. Oh I am sooooo lucky, this bumper pack truly feels like Christmas again.

This box is packed full with lovely goodies from seamstar.co.uk

including some of the amazing designer fabrics Courtney offers in the shop. It's absolutely beautiful.

It also contains a collection if Anna Maria Horner Voiles and ribbons, zippers and a cute tin of sewing pins.

Now I have a few more questions for the experienced sewist:

- When using ribbons how do you avoid the ends unraveling?

- What can I do with these adorable voiles? I shouldn't use them for quilting, should I? They're too precious for that.

Love, Nadine


  1. I'm only a little bit jealous!!!

    Is this the big hamper prize competition thingy?? Well done you!!

  2. oh you should be, this hamper is HUGE. so many goodies. I feel very lucky. :)

  3. Re: ribbon - fray check (stays soft but you need to buy at a fabric store) or clear nail polish (if the end will be in a seam where you don't notice the stiffness). Or cut at a 45 degree angle to limit the amount of fraying

  4. Well done you!
    Although it is a random draw I am extra pleased when a Customer wins :)
    As for the ribbon as its grosgrain it 'tends' not to unravel as much as a satin but as above you can cut it at an angle. Also its fully washable so if you're sewing it into a project you can hide the ends in a seam.
    I has my eye on the voile samples to make a patchwork scarf from. Or I saw a really lovely patchwork cushion cover on FLickr!

  5. I don't know what voiles are, but I'm sure you'll find something cute to make with them.

    I've always heated the ends of my ribbon...might not be the best idea...but it melts it in a nice clean way. You can use a lighter flame...just be careful to quickly pass it through the flame and just at the edge. =)

  6. Fun package of goodies! Love the colors.

    Angie - http://craftedAngles.com

  7. Those voiles are just so beautiful - just carry them around with you and stare at them adoringly!

  8. Hi Nadine... what a wonderful prize!

    On ribbons... you really can just pass the ends, quick as a flash, through a flame. It neatens the end off and stops it fraying... I was chuffed when I tried this!


  9. Nadine, I awarded you the "Liebster Award", which I had never before heard of till I received the award from Shruti! Please check my blog when you have a minute. You can now give the award to three people who have blogs that you enjoy and have less than 300 followers. BTW, that's a lovely collection of beauties you posted, Nadine! Lucky you!