Sunday, 10 July 2011

One for every occasion

Hello all you lovely bloggers and blog readers,

I think I've mentioned it before but I finally went through all my handmade cards (yes, I do that too. I do it all. the only crafty hobby I don't do is pottery. just a matter of time methinks) anyway, I went through my cards and listed a bunch of them on Etsy. I will list a whole lot more because I really need to get back to papercrafting, I have a huge stash and should really use more of it.

So here is the first lot of my cards. You can find lots more images and close ups on the Etsy pages.

Please let me know what you think of them. I really hope I'll sell some, I can't possibly ever use all of my cards, most people have only one birthday per year and Christmas only happens once in 12 months too, unfortunately.

More cards are on the way. So which ones do you like best? I do hope you like them. :)

Love, Nadine xx


  1. I love then all! But if I must choose, I think I like the good luck one best.

  2. If you weren't so nice, i'd secretly start to hatch an evil plan to steal all this super crafty talent you have. I love all the cards, i've tried to pick a favourite and can't. My craft stuff will ever be banished to the loft now!

  3. oh no no no, no banishing of craft stuff allowed. we should get together and have a craft party. only for girls of course, don't think the blokes would enjoy that much. (TOH is rolling his eyes at me as I type :)

  4. Well i get the same thing off Andy. I have to wait till we move as my craft room is now Emily's bedroom, and our other room is too full. Hopefully soon, there's about 5 big boxes full of stuff up there, most of which i've probably forgotten about by now.
    P.s - i used to use clay, you can get an air dry clay (no need for kiln etc).