Thursday, 29 January 2015

Tula Pink Fabric Gallery Quilt in Quilt Now

Hello everyone,

I have some more exciting news (you might have seen already), but I had 2 yes TWO quilts published in the latest issue of Quilt Now. I didn't even know they were both going to be in that issue. How exciting to find out when I opened the mag.

I'll show you the english Country Garden Quilt some other time but first the Tula Pink Fabric Gallery. I am sure many of us hoard fabric, buy much more than we can possibly use, and then we can spend hours just drooling over our fabric. I personally find it really hard to cut into my precious collections. I buy fabric in Fat Quarter bundles and keep them that way. I don't sort by color or anything (although maybe I should). So taking that first cut into a collection I have been treasuring for ages, knowing I only have a fat quarter of each fabric to begin with, well that first cut is really hard.

So I try to use only a little bit of those fabrics when the point comes that I feel I need to make something with them. The same goes for my Tula Pink stash. I have been hoarding them forever, my Birds and the Bees, Acacia, Foxfield and Moonshine. But by using only a little strip from each fabric I still have enough left to make some more quilts with it.

That was the idea behind the Fabric Gallery Quilt. It is a really simple pattern when you think of it and it is fairly easy to assemble.

Once again I only quilted the negative space in a tight stippling pattern and I really like it. I have some strips left from those fabrics (I always cut one 2.5" strip) and will make another quilt with them. I absolutel love those fabrics, the colots are devine, and those little foxes and rabbits, sooo cute.

I hope you like this. I will show you the next one very soon.
Lots of love,

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