Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Which photos do you like better?

Hello all,

I could use some advice. I have just uploaded a lot of new quilts in the shop and this time I tried to change the way I photograph them. So the whole first page in the shop shows the new quilts and new photos while the second page shows the way I used to photograph my quilts.

I really can't decide which photos I like better. On one hand I think the white background on the second page looks really good and makes the colors and designs stand out. On the other hand maybe the new photos are better as they show the quilts in a more tactile way.

What do you think?

New photos:

Old photos: 


  1. I like the "real" ones best I think- they give a bit more depth and interest than the cut outs.

  2. I like the new ones better. The drape effect adds to the picture :-)

  3. I like the new ones but would also prefer to see a photo of the whole quilt like you had on the older listings

  4. I think that (if you have the space) the new layout is nice but as Michele said, include a picture of the whole quilt.
    Sometimes that is needed.

  5. I like both...but if I were buying, I would want to see the entire quilt.

  6. i like the new ones, they look really nice draped like that looks more professional for the website.

  7. The new ones are my preference.