Monday, 22 March 2010

Doodles on Fabric

Yay. Now I can combine two of my favorite hobbies: Doodling and Quilting. Using I can upload images and design my own fabric and even get it printed and shipped to my home.

But in order to avoid spending lots of money on fabric that doesn’t turn out well one can order a test swatch first. I have designed a number of fabrics so far and received the test swatches in the post. But the images you see in this blogpost I haven’t printed yet as I cannot really decide which ones to use and which ones to discard.

Maybe you can help me decide?

These new designs are all based on doodles I made on paper and then photographed. I then manipulated the images in photoshop, cropping them and playing around with them on Spoonflower to see the effect in the different options they give the designers.

At the moment none of my designs are public and before I make them or some of them public I could use your opinion. Send me an email at or comment on the blog and let me know which of the designs you liked and which you didn’t and what you think of the idea in general.

All of these designs are based on one DOODLE. I will share my other designs with you in a later blogpost.

The Spoonflower website allows you to decide how you want to tile your image, whether you prefer a simple repetition or other variations. All of the designs you see here are mirrored images of the uploaded picture. But I could chose a very different design as well.

The size of these on fabric would be 8 by 8 inches (test swatch), so obviously the design would look slightly different if one orders a fat quarter or a yard of fabric.

The images are numbered from 1 to 12, so if you send me your comments please include the design number.

Would love to hear what you think of the idea.

Lots of Love


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  1. I really like pics 30, 31 and 32.

    What was the doodle based on, as the first two look very bug like, but then looks very art deco on 32. Its amazing how you can take one design and make it so different!

    I thought I had replied to the comment on your other blogpost, but obviously didnt press post, doh!

    I love Heather Ross but its so hard to get hold off. I am going to buy some of the Mendocino range from this Etsy shop as soon as I get paid...

    But what I would love is some of her Goldfish fabric so much!

    The only UK places I have found with HR fabric is:
    Tikki Fabric
    Celtic Fusion

    But they only have small amounts / limited range :(