Friday, 12 March 2010

Scrappy Cushions

Scrappy cushions, not crappy ones, mind you. I recently moved into a new beautiful flat and wanted to put my stamp on it. So I used some leftovers of my favorite fabrics (including loads of Kaffe Fassett) and made 2 cushion covers with altogether 4 different patterns.

The one you see here is my favorite.



I love how the colors go together. I have a lot of clothes in these colors as well. Those of you who get to see me and my blindingly bright clothes (an attempt to distract from the bits I don't want you to see) on a daily basis know this. There is lots of turquoise and chartreuse in my wardrobe.



... and this is the back of that cushion. The colors come out a lot nicer if contrasted with some plain grays or cream colored fabrics. Something I first noticed on Elizabeth's "oh, fransson" Blog (

Elizabeth really has an eye for color and like me she prefers simple and modern designs. Check out her site, it's amazing.



This is the next cushion. again I only used scraps I had left over.



... and the back.

Note: all of these photos were taken on the iPhone and aren't as good as they could be. and all my quilts are done by hand. I don't own a sewing machine and frankly, I'm not sure I'd have the patience for one.

More to come later. Maybe the next post will be a new painting. Keep your fingers crossed.


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