Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Fabric Painting

We're back from Edinburgh, which was absolutely amazing by the way, anyone who hasn't been to the Edinburgh Festival (Fringe) should be smacked over the head and forever banned from eating chocolate ever again.

Anyway, after a very busy few weeks I am now back to working on my quilts and other projects and I have just finished this little wall hanging and I am very happy with it.

When I was working on my blocks for the quilt-as-you-go-quilt I saw this one and and thought, 'no, this is way too cute to go into that quilt' and I decided to use the block for a wall hanging.

As you can see I absolutely love straight line quilting (maybe because that is all I can do reasonably well by hand, no I do like the effect too, besides, I might get a sewing machine next week, joint b-day pressie from Monkey and his family).

I am now trying to figure out how to actually hang it on the wall.

the back:

Hope you like this one.

Love, Nadine

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  1. Nadine, they're beautiful! Your work is just incredible! Glad you had fun in Edinburgh! I guess I better get there so I don't get smacked over the head and banned from eating chocolate - horrors!