Saturday, 21 January 2012

How to quilt?

Happy Saturday everyone,

I think this is my first "Work in Progress" post for this year. I have been so busy with work and lots of other things that I haven't done much quilting lately.

But I have been working on these blocks for a QAYG quilt. The top will be in pinks and oranges and the back in greens, blues and yellows. All the blocks are 14". I have managed to finally put all the block sandwhiches together and am now stuck. I can't decide how to quilt them before then sewing the sashing on and making the rows and the full quilt.

I keep going back and forth on how to quilt them. I can't do free motion quilting on my machine so it will have to be some sort of straight organic lines or zig zag or boxy lines. Argh. I just don't know. Any suggestions?

Would love your advice one this. I am just too indecisive myself.
Have a lovely weekend.
Nadine xx

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  1. I would be inclined to add something curvier with all those straight lines. Some machines have a wavy line. I'd have to drink wine and steer mine back and forth for the effect.