Saturday, 14 January 2012

"Reflections on Colour" Exhibition

Hello everyone,

just to let you know the exhibition is now open to the public. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to hang the larger quilts as they did not hang straight and we were not allowed to do anything to the walls. I had planned to use small velcro pieces in the bottom corners and attach the other side with white tack to the walls to make sure the quilts hang flat, but it turns out the white tack leaves dark patches on the wall, wo we couldn't use it. How does on hang a really large quilt without it getting wavy and swaying every time someone walks past? I normally use them as bedquilts or lapquilts, I never hang them up so maybe I am doing it all wrong?

I managed to hang 2 smaller quilts and 7 paintings so that's not bad.

I took some photos of the show, including pictures of Carol's ( and Sandra's ( artwork but they all turned out a bit blurry due to the bad lighting conditions and I just haven't got a chance to go back and take new pictures. Sorry.

Would be great if you could see the show, if you are in York you could easily take a quick trip to Grays Court. The food there is amazing. It is also a pretty posh hotel very close to the Minster.

So if you get a chance to see the show let me know what you thought of it.

Lots of love,
Nadine xx

the quilts:

Some of my paintings, one of Sandra's and the large wallhanging is Carol's

Carol's and Sandra's Artwork:

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  1. nadine, what a beautiful exhibit! regardless of whether you were able to hang the large ones. :)