Saturday, 11 August 2012

Finally. The Plushies are certified!

Hurrah, I have finally finished the certification and have all my files and test results in order. This now means my plushies carry the CE mark to show they comply with toy safety regulations. I have relisted some Odd Owls, Peculiar Penguins and Merry Matryoshkas in the shop and it looks so much better.

Here are a few new penguins and matryoshkas. I hope you like them.

And go chekc out the shop and let me know if you like the way I ordered it:

Let me know what you think.
Lots of love,


  1. Is that just if you make them your self you need a certification? They are such cute toys =D

  2. No, it has nothing to do with handmade or not. The law that's been changed is actually meant for the big manufacturers and nobody took us small makers into consideration and that it is really hard for us to do all that on a tiny budget (getting one doll tested can cost £300). But all toys that are meant for children under 14 have to be tested, certified and carry the CE mark. And even if you think your toy is not meant for kids if it looks like something a kid might pick up and 'consider' a toy it has to be tested. Some sellers thought they could get away with calling their dolls 'not suitable for under 14s' or calling them collectables but the law doesn't allow that. "If it looks like a toy it is a toy". So everything has to be tested to comply with EN71 1-3 Toy Safety Regulations.

  3. Well done for getting your certification!