Saturday, 4 August 2012

New solids quilt

I have been determined to make more solids quilts rather than just using solids mixed in with patterned fabrics. I have made 3 solids quilts so far and rally love this one. Originally sort of inspired by the Amy Butler solids quilt you can find here, but I tried to make a bit different and really like the result. It almost looks quite retro, sort of 60s 70s style. I wish I could afford the Kona Bounty of Basics box with lots of solids FQ but it's just a bit out of my price range, especially since I will need to buy a new machine soon. Oh well, my current stash will just have to do.

As usual I used orange fleece on the back and quilted in large wavy lines.

I love this one, what do you think?



  1. Great choice of colours, like you say, very slightly retro!

  2. I love the colour scheme! I've never bought Kona I get my solids from the market which costs like £1.50 per meter!
    I need to use them more..wish I hadn't put them away now....=D

  3. Nice color scheme and the orange back is great. I'm getting into solids more and more too and have now made one entirely solid with another waiting to be cut and sewn.

  4. Oh, I really love the fleece hard to manage when quilting?