Thursday, 16 February 2012

The Finished Windows Quilt

Hello everyone,

finally it's time to show you some more than just a sneak peek. My Windows Quilt is finished and I absolutely adore it. I used the Quilt-as-you-go-Method again, and even though I am not 100% happy with the sashing and the corners of the binding, it did work out well in the end.

I used a lot of different fabrics in shades of orange, pinks and reds on the top with various fabrics in greys, whites and beiges. On the back I used greens and blues and a splash of yellow. I ended up using 16 blocks and each one measures 14" with the final quilt measuring 56" x 56".

It took me a long time to decide how to quilt it and I ended up with sort of half circles in different directions on each block. I didn't want it to look too uniform and made sure the lines are always irregular and skewed on each block. I am very happy with the quilting and I think I will use that pattern a lot more in the future. Unfortunately, I can't do any free-hand quilting on my machine, it just doesn't let me. So I am stuck with straight or wavy lines, which is fine with me to be honest. I prefer the look anyway.


What do you think? Do you like it? This is a very different kind of look for me. Maybe it's too modern, too random? I really like it, if only I had a nice big modern house where a quilt like this would look amazing.

Let me know what you think.

Lots of love,
Nadine xx

PS: Have already started the next project which is very complicated and fiddly, but if it works out it will be great. So bear with me.


  1. There is no way of telling what's the back and what's the front. Your quilt has two fronts. It really looks nice .. and the sashing is hiding among the blocks. you need to find a place for it where you can show off both sides - I couldn't tell which one is more beautiful.

  2. It's would look lovely in my modern house.

  3. it certainly would, but you'll have to wait until I decide to sell it, hon, and I am not sure at the moment whether I could bear to give it away. :) Maybe one day.

  4. holy gorgeousness!! i love it! both sides are so beautiful! did you use MariQuilt's tutorials?

  5. Thanks Beth, glad you like it. I didn't actually use any of Marianne's tutes, well, not knowingly anyway. I think I was making QAYG quilts before I actually found her blog. But maybe we use a similar technique, can't be too different right? Will have to investigate. :)