Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Hey everybody,

I am a winner, yay. I won Sam's Liebster Blog Award.

I have won this award before, but it is always so rewarding to win something and to know I don't just talk to myself, when I send my ramblings and creations out into the ether.

So now it time to spread the love and award 5 of my favorite blogs with the award. (I was actually surprised to find how many of the blogs I love and follow have more than 200 followers. I must go and bribe some more people into following me too :)

- Lisa from Shiners View ...
is incredibly creative and has a real knack for taking amazing photos of her quilts (jealousy, go away!!). Her designs are devine and she has a great eye for color. Her blog is a great source for inspiration or just relaxation and some eye candy (quilted eye candy that is).

- Tarabu from Tarabu Arts
is actually a Facebook find and for once I am really grateful for Facebook because Tarabu's blog is a constant source for inspiration. She shares very practical advice and an immense amount of craftiness with her followers and has a great sense of humor.

- Dorrie from Simply Cotton
is amazing at sharing step by step tutorials and work in progress and her photos of her quilts are to die for. I need to ask her what camera she uses of maybe I need to move in with her and away form the British greyishness that screws with my photos.

- Rhiannon from My Handcrafted Home
If you like making things, all sorts of things, and if you love DIY ideas for your house you have to check out her blog. It is full of practical and creative advice and if you are a messy crafter like myself, you can get some great tips of organising your stash too.

- Terri from Quilternity's Place:
If you like quilts and fabrics you have to see her blog, it is a feast for the eyes and makes me drool over my keyboard and crave a big fabric shopping spree. And there is more than fabric, she also shares lots of crafty ideas and interesting finds with her followers.

So for those I have awarded, here are the rules:

Liebster Conventions:
* Thank your award presenter on your blog: THANK YOU SAM!!!
* Link back to the blogger who presented you with the award
* Copy and paste the award to your blog
* Present the Liebster Award to 5 blogs that have fewer then 200 followers that you think deserve to be recognized
* Let them know by leaving a comment on their blog

Go and share the love. What is better to do on Valentine's Day?

Lots of Love,
Nadine xx

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