Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Ugly wrinkles in my balls

Look at these beauties, aren't they gorgeous? I have never felted before but when I saw this tutorial for making felt balls I had to try them.


I tried some last night and was really struggling. I always ended up having ugly wrinkles in my balls (ahem, that sounds so wrong :) Any advice you could give me?

How can I avoid those wrinkles or deal with them once they occur? I would hate to waste some good merino wool.

Lots of Love,
Nadine xx

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  1. Tee Hee...I can't wait to find out who shows up at this blog post from a google search...

  2. Haha, oh no, don't say that. :/

  3. That's mean ... but fun - the waiting that is. (Not a google search here - Sorry)
    Well if you got those ugly wrinkles you can
    1. needle felt them onto/into (?) the ball
    2. try throwing your balls together with several (at least say 6) tennis balls in the washing machine, at 30°C minimum. That should give them a kick.
    3. Don't get any wrinkles in the balls in the first place by using tons of soap, and use time not force to felt .... that's all I can think of at the moment.
    Ohh one thing, the ends of the strands, smoothe them down along, not against, make them stick before you start seriously rolling (felting) the ball in your hands.
    Good Luck!

  4. Wow, thanks Strandkorb, that's some brilliant advice. I'll have to try that.