Monday, 14 June 2010

Next stop: Hope Valley!

Look what has just arrived. Finally. Hurrah. Oh, I can't wait to start using these. They are absolutely gorgeous. The colors are stunning.

(.. and may I just add, buying the whole FQ pack from the States incl. shipping AND CUSTOMS is still cheaper than if I had bought them in the UK. go figure.)


  1. Nadine, they are gorgeous! I just bought some, too, from my local quilting store, but their supply wasn't great so I'm looking for more! Have fun with yours! I know I will - I'm going to make a kaleidescope quilt.

  2. Hi Nadine, thanks for popping over to my blog. Where did you get the fabrics from in the US please? They're beautiful! I'm struggling to find fabrics at the moment. Lynda xxx

  3. Hey Lynda. This is the first time I used US stores. I bought these from Hawthorne Threads and was very happy with the service. I also bought some fabrics on etsy but that is a bit hit and miss, 2 sellers I've used in the last month were great and really fast, I had the packages within 6 days. Another seller wasn't quite so helpful and I am still waiting for the package a month after ordering. very frustrating. There are a few good UK shops though. Cottonpatch for Kaffe Fassett and Fabric Rehab for really funky stuff.