Friday, 25 June 2010

Wedding present challenge!

OK, everyone, something unusual today. My blogland friend Justine is getting married soon and has challenged her crafty online friends to make a wedding present for her lovely future hubby.

Here is a quote from her blogpost:

Sew Justine Sew:

Wedding Love........

Now I had a little thought today whilst I was brainstorming ideas for wedding presents for the lovely Mr. G.......

We've not talked about getting each other gifts but I really do want to give him something on this momentous occasion, he's such a doll and honestly he deserves a medal (if only for putting up with me!). He picks up the pieces of my wildly busy life - whilst I try being a special care nurse, mummy to two young children (one with special needs and all that that entails) and on top of that now I've found a huge passion for sewing and blogging - the poor man often doesn't get a look in!

He never grumbles though (sometimes he hides the laptop and blames the kids) and he pays genuine interest when I make him read some of my favourite blogs, he listens to me waffle insanely about fabric design and never goes mad when he reads the bank statement and realises how much I spent this month on fabric (he says he feels like Courtney aka Seamstar is part of the family) and he takes great pleasure in seeing my face when I make something I love (his words not mine!). He's a great dad and the kids adore him (as do I I've just realised), so anyway my idea.....

How cool would it be to give him some handmade wedding themed goodies from my lovely online blog friends???? I'm open to ideas and really I'm not expecting freebies, I'd be happy to pay for your services if you think you can help!

So if you're up for a little challenge to help me make our wedding day extra special for the fab 'Mr. G' then please leave me a comment. I don't want big ideas just a few little handmade items that will put a smile on his face that we can display in our home afterwards would be immense.

I really do hope some of you will be able to help me, it would mean a great deal to me....

Wonderful Idea, I say. The man deserves so much more than a medal for putting up with a crafter, without moaning about the money spent on fabric or being neglected while Justine quilts and crafts away. What a catch, Justine!

So I was thinking I could spread the word a bit and invite all of you to go to Justine's blog and help her out. We all love making things, why hoard them, why not make someone's day by giving them something we've made. And if we give it to someone so deserving as Justine and her lovely family it is even better.

Now get thinking and GO MAKE SOMETHING!

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  1. Nadine how very sweet of you to do this for me {{Big hugs }} Justine xx