Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Things to come

Just a little sneak peek at something I am working on.

Yes, I know, I KNOW (*blushes*), I should really finish the other projects first, but the basting and quilting takes me forever by hand and I absolutely prefer cutting the fabric and piecing the blocks.

This is one of the log cabin blocks of Kaffe Fassett and Martha Negley prints for a fairly large quilt.

Actually, I might as well tell you, lay it all out on the table as it were. I recently reorganized my (ever growing) fabric stash into plastic drawers and as I have been buying quite a lot of fabric lately (see the La Dolce Vita post) I had to be careful that all my fabric fits into the drawers. The Kaffe Fassett fabric didn't and I decided to cut 2,5" strips off so it fits. Am now making log cabin blocks out of those strips.

I will show you more of those later on.

Hope you like it.

Love, Nadine


  1. I like it, but I'd like to see more of what's peeking out from below...

  2. Thanks. I think they're yummy. literally. they make me want to go shopping for fresh fruit. another reason why quilting is so good for us. :)