Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Another Book LOVE

Remember how I said to you I never post about books but had to make an exception for Quilting Modern, which is one of my absolute favorite quilting books?
Well, I have to make another exception because I am totally in love with Elisabeth Hartmann's new book Modern Patchwork.

I have admired her quilts for ages, actually, I think discovering her blog got me back into quilting and has also given me a more modern direction away from Kaffe Fasset and to a fresher and simpler style using more solids and greys and whites for sashing.

This is probably my favorite:

The quilts in this book are divine and I love how she gives these mini alternative quilts in different color schemes based on the larger designs.

You know, I normally try to stay away from recreating another quilter's designs, unless they are standard patterns of course that are based on classic designs or traditional quilts. But with these 2 books, Quilting Modern and Modern Patchwork, and possibly also Tula Pink's gorgeous book, I think I will have to break my word and actually try these patterns. I might have to modify them slightly to make them more my own and feel less guilty for copying someone else's design. But oh I can't wait.

Lots of love,

PS: Once again I have to apologize for the bad quality images. My camera won't let me take any clear and sharp pics and I can't sharpen them properly in PS. I really need a decent camera but can't afford the reallye xpensive SLRs. But I do have a birthday coming up so maybe then. Fingers crossed.


  1. Great looking book. Sometimes it's good to make a few things from books. It gives you a chance to try something new and even push you out of your comfort zone =D

  2. You may find that working from someone's pattern may open different creative doors for you enabling you to develop ideas in a different direction! Who knows!