Sunday, 29 July 2012

Monsterz Quilt

Hello all,

I think I must have mentioned that I have a few finished quilts which I haven't actually shared with you yet (sorry). So here is one I have finsihed a few weeks ago before we left for Germany.

It's a lovely baby quilt (38" square) using organic fabrics from the Monsterz line by Cloud9. I love these fabrics, you've got to see them, there are lots of little creatures and cute worms on them. And once again I used some fluffy fleece in baby pink on the back.

I won't be able to make any new quilts for a while as my sewing machine is not working and I will have to buy a new one (I wnated a new one for some time so this is a sign I suppose that I should get one). I am hoping to see some at the Festival of Quilts and then make my decision but I won|t be able to afford one for some time I think.

Oh well, maybe I should concentrate on organising my sewing room for now. The flat could use a proper clean and tidy too.

Nadine xx


  1. Gorgeous quilt! I love the mix of colours together.
    Hope you can decide what kind of machine you want next.
    Good luck with the organising! =D

  2. Love the look of the quilt. I bet the fabrics are gorgeous close up :)