Sunday, 15 July 2012

Stash Storage 2

Hope Valley and Dolce

Remember this post and my little stash storage conundrum?

I was so unhappy with the way my stash is stored and kept jealously looking at other quilters' stash storage. But at the same time I just can't get myself to take my collections apart and sort by color although I probably really should. Well, what I decided to do, at least for now, is fold the fabrics so I can actually see all of them when opening the drawers rather than just piling them on top of each other.

And the result is this:

Woodland Tails and Backyard Baby

Chevrons and some Patty Young

Patty Young Andalucia

... and Lush

... and Sanctuary (and some Tina Givens Haven's Edge)

... and Flora and Fauna

Joel Dewberry, Heather Ross and Sandi Henderson

Pat Bravo and some Far Far Away

 the Laura Gunn drawer

my beloved Echo drawer

Amy Butler

lots of kiddies fabrics

FMF and Loulouthi

the Layer Cake drawer (some Central Park, Sweetwater, Summersville and newest additions are Simply Color, Juggling Summer and Cuzco, can't wait to work with those)

stripes and some solid pieces

Laurie Wisbrun and some Far Far Away


Echino and some more FFA

Kaffe Fassett

 and last but not least some random pieces and blenders, mainly stripes or dots for some reason.

With this new way of arranging my fabrics I will hopefully be more tempted to actually use them all and won't forget what I have as I can see every bit of fabric when I open the drawers. I know sorting by color would probably be better and make it easier for me to break out of the habit of using whole collections rather than mixing them. But this is at least a first step.

What do you think?

Lots of love and enjoy your summer (we are away in Germany until the end of the month, and I will make sure I pop over to Frau Tulpe in Berlin. yay)

Nadine xx


  1. OMG first of all I must start by saying...Send me that stash!!
    Love the new organisation! I wish I had the space to properly sort my stash for now its like this

    I need a drawer set like yours! =D

    Also I've added some new fabrics into my swap shop, as well as a new one via Flickr. If you're interested feel free to check them out =D

  2. Hi Nadine. I just found your blog after you favorited one of my Flickr photos. Looks like we have a similar taste in fabrics. I want your stash. Anyway, thought I'd follow you.

  3. Oh my goodness; I am drooling at your stash. I LOVE your fabrics, do you buy most of them online or do you have a good fabric shop close by?

  4. Thanks Sandra, I love them too. My other half always laughs at me when I stand in front of my stash and pull out all the drawers just to look at them :) silly, isn't it?

    I buy most of my fabrics on Etsy. It's sometimes really hard to get a whole collection of something in the UK, mostly one can only get one or 2 prints from a line and then they are really expensive. I usually can buy a whole collection on Etsy and even with shipping AND customs charges I still pay less than if I bought the whole line in the UK. Shame really, I'd like to support local business but at those prices (usually pay for a FQ in the UK what I pay for a half yard in the US) I simply can't.