Thursday, 12 April 2018

Rustic southwestern = trendy?

Hello all,
I am not sure whether you've noticed, if you've been keeping up with Instagram or the shop, but I have really been getting into this sort of rustic southwest trend with browns, oranges and blues and I have recently made quite a few things (and there are more to come) in that type of colorway.

There is something about those colors in a modern or even rather retro environment that looks really appealing to the eye. I think it's maybe that we see that kind of look everywhere these days and the southwestern, rustic or even tribal look is everywhere. I follow quite a few interiors boards on Pinterest or Instagram and you just can't avoid that trend at the moment. And as resistant I am with trends normally, that one seems to have hit a nerve.

What do you think? Do you like this trend? Are you into the whole rustic, western tribal look yourself? I would love to know what floats your boat (or horse) at the moment in terms of color trends and interiors.

Love, Nadine

I have made a few quilts that fit this trend, like this one:

Or like this babyquilt:

 And I have also made a few heart garlands in that colorway, like these two:

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