Monday, 9 April 2018

The first load of finishes for 2018

Hello everyone,
yes, it's that time again when I finish a whole pile of projects all at once (happens usually about 3 times a year) and upload them all in the shop. I can't possibly share all of these quilts and other items in one post, there are simply way too many. So I will start with a few quilts today and share some more with you another day. Yes, you will have to be patient!

Ok so here goes. These 5 quilts are all very different and some of them took me forever to make. The Echo quilt for instance has been giving me such headaches and in the end I decided to make it smaller to actually be able to finish it.

The Kona quilt is a new love for me and as you will see I am using more and more solids and want to explore quilting with just solids a bit more. I have also been getting into more neutral colors, I know, very unusual for me. Normally my quilts scream of color. So watch this space, there will be more like that.

All quilts are already in the shop:

I hope you like these and watch out for the next lot of posts. I have so much more to share with you.
Lots of love, Nadine
Kona solids quilt with black velvet backing, I really want to make more solids quilts:

Flora baby quilt 

Chevrons quilt in peach and grey (I am really getting into the neutrals color schemes atm)

Echo quilt

Blue triangles quilt (my favorite color combo: teal and lime)

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  1. They are gorgeous. Love the Aqua with Lime. I got here via Lily’s Quilt Blog from ages ago when you made a two sided quilt. What a great idea. I haven’t blogged or quilted for ages. Quilting will start later. Blogging? Don’t know. But I love what you’ve done. Regards Patricia x