Saturday, 21 April 2018

What do babies want?

Hello everyone,
as you might know, I have been on Etsy ( since 2011 and love it. I can spend hours snooping around and checking out amazing shops and items. Sales have been sporadic but that is to be expected with the amount of  competition and the way Etsy seems to be changing algorithms constantly and it's so hard to keep up with all the requirements.

 I am adding a few examples of quilts that either have sold or that are still in the shop.

But it's fair to say Baby Quilts sell the most in my shop and I need to maybe do some more market research about trends and what buyers actually want.

So now the question is of course "What do babies want?" or maybe it should be "What do new mums want?" or maybe what do people want who buy gifts for new parents?

Should it be lots of cute fabrics with animals and toys etc.?

What about colors, very colorful and bright or rather muted baby pinks and blues? My tendency is to go with very colorful fabrics as that is what I like but maybe that is not what buyers want. I have seen how the quilts that have sold over the years have been fairly colorful but then my sales are quite sporadic these days so maybe colorful is just not in anymore.

I have also joined and tried to find out what people want but have not had a lot of responses. The ones who did respond said they don't actually use quilts at all, they all use those little onesies for baby to sleep in. I am not sure how representative that is and whether that is only a specific group of mums. They also said they prefer muted pastel colors, so is that the trend now? I have made some quilts in greys and peaches just to see but they have not had much attention yet so maybe those are not quite right either.

Any advice? What would you want? Sorry, of course I know you are not a baby :), but maybe you are a new mum, or a mum to be or you have friends who have a baby. What would they want? Or maybe you know what works well with babies and toddlers? What would a toddler like? 

If you know how I could get some more information on market research and how to find out what buyers want I would also really appreciate it.

Lots of love,

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