Thursday, 15 March 2012

Dreaming in French Quilt finished

Hello everyone,

I have just finished my "Dreaming in French Quilt" and can't wait to show you, I LOOOOOOOVVE it, the colors really zing and I am very happy with my decision to use Kona Espresso to contrast the sorbet shades in Pat Bravo's Dreaming in French fabrics.

I did something different with the quilting this time. I can't do any free-motion quilting on my machine (can't lower the feed dogs and the clip-on plastic shield does not leave enough room for a quilt) so I suppose wavy circles and lines likes these is as far as I can get away from straight lines.

I am very happy with the look though and it feels great on the fluffy fleece on the back. I was undecided for a long time on the color for the back until I chose the burgundy colored fleece which really compliments the fabrics without overpowering them (as a hot pink would have for instance).

So what do you think? Yay or ney?

Take care,
Nadine xx


  1. so did you batt it or just put fleece and the top ?? love the colours, love the quilt :)

  2. Could you please delete that question .. it's a lovely quilt and you really shouldn't doubt your colour choice.

  3. Ah no worries, I LOVE the quilt and the color choices but I love hearing other people's thoughts too, we can't all like the same things.

    And Pippa, yes, I used thick polar fleece and didn't need any batting. That would have made the quilt too thick.

  4. I'd love to know more about the process you used for the circular quilting to keep it from bunching up where they collide. Did you work from the center out? Spray baste? Lovely, lovely.

  5. Hey, thanks for asking. I didn't actually quilt circles, only one egg shaped one in the middle. I started with a big wavy line across the quilt and then continued with more waves echoing the first. More like large half circles. None of the lines cross so no bunching up. I know what you mean, that would no doubt happen otherwise.