Thursday, 5 April 2012

Lush fabrics

Hello all you lovely craftmonkeys,

feast yours eyes on these gorgeous colors. I invested in a fabric bundle from Patty Young's new Lush collection and I am in love. I haven't bought much fabric for ages as we are not doing so well financially, but I had to get these, and they are a good investment too.

But you know what, after someone mentioned on the Facebook page that I should maybe make more things with mute colors, it has occurred to me that there seems to be a clear pattern, I always go for these super bright colors and patterns, always lots of turquoise, orange, lime green and hot pinks and maybe they were right: I NEED TO USE SOME LESS OVER THE TOP FABRICS to appeal to more customers and hopefully sell some quilts and plushies.

We have certainly noticed how we are struggling financially when I am not selling anything and we really depend on the Etsy shops. So I need to adapt to what the market wants.

But I need your help. What sorts of fabrics that are less colorful would you recommend for quilts and plushies? I really don't know any good and popular pale fabrics in mute colors and I haven't been paying attention to trends.

Any suggestions and photos for inspiration are very welcome. I absolutely love my colorful bright fabrics but I am willing to change what I make to increase my chances of selling something. So your help would be very appreciated.

Lots of love,
Nadine xx

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  1. I love your fabric choices.

  2. They are great fabrics! Love the bright's a link to the fabrics I've purchased over the months...