Saturday, 14 April 2012

"Spring walk in the park" Baby Boy Quilt

Et Voila,

my latest finished quilt and I think this is my current favorite. It was made with lots of blues, greens and yellows from the Central Park line and it is a bit lighter and less colorful than my usual quilts and I LOVE IT. It is so fresh and the quilting gives it such lovely texture.

I used some blue fleece on the back and love the soft fluffiness it gives the quilt. It is a baby/lap quilt but I haven't actually measured it yet.

Sorry to be going on about how great my own quilt is, I am not trying to sell it to you, honest, I am not even sure I can get myself to sell it at all. Will have to think it over, but for now this is MINE.

I hope you like it.

Lots of love,
Nadine xx

PS: In one of the pictures you can see the new quilt display ladder I recently bought, not only but particularly for the craft fair. It is really a towel rack but I thought this would make a great display for my quilts. This is only half of the ladder, we will assemble the 2 halves when we get to the venue, otherwise the ladder might not fit in the car.


  1. I love the quilt! The colour choice is spot on! =D

  2. Lovely. I can see why it is your favorite.

  3. Lovely colours. Looks perfect for spring, really fresh!