Monday, 23 April 2012

Quilting Modern

OMG, I am totally in love with this book. It arrived today and I know, I normally don't write about books, but this one took my breath away. And besides, maybe I should write about my books a bit more.

But this one is gorgeous, the quilts are very unusual, not just modern and simple but also new and fresh.

This one is my favorite, it is called the Blind Co-Pilot Quilt. Brilliant.

And the quilting is absolutely devine, I know the photos can't really bring that across but the quilting has been done in a very professional and quirky way.

I wish I could quilt like that. But as long as I am working with a machine that won't let me lower the feed dogs I am stuck with straight/wavy line quilting.

So maybe we should do this on a regular basis, talk about the quilting books, or craft books, art books we love. Oh, if I get started, we'll be here for the next 10 years, I have a whole library of art and craft books.

So what are your favorite quilting books? I am always looking for new inspirational books. I definitely will have to look into the Fat Quartely book at some point too. Any other suggestions anyone? What is your favorite?

Lots of love and happy quilting.

Nadine xx

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  1. I really only have one I have made things from. I have a list of the ones I'd love to buy, but knowing me I probably wouldn't read them for a while.
    The one I have is called Quilting in no time

  2. Hi Nadine,
    Thanks so much for the kind words about the book. We are thrilled that you love it. We worked really hard to put out something new and fresh, but still linked to tradition.
    Again, thank you. Means so much that you took the time to post about the book.

  3. Oh hello Jacquie,

    what an honor. I absolutely love your book, and I am not in the habit to comment on books. But yours really stands out to my mind, it is unique and doesn't just use the same old patterns over and over again. I think it did something really new and I love that, something to aspire to. I would love to make such gorgeous quilts as yours. The quilting is absolutely superb, makes me want to invest in a better sewing machine just to try all those amazing patterns. And please make more books like that. I will definitely buy them.

    Best wishes from York

  4. We sure are on the same page aren't we. I love this book as well.

  5. I just got this book! Love love love it :-) So inspirational....I'm trying out some of the techiques. It's quite a different way of working to the traditional methods - and I'm finding it very exciting!