Friday, 20 April 2012

My first SOLIDS quilt. yay.

Hello everybody,

I have finished my first quilt using only solids. This was just a little experiment and I wasn't entirely sure at first how it would turn out but I really like the end result. I wanted to create an abstract sort of image where the viewer has to find a pattern to the colors and values. I quilted it in straight lines and really like the textured effect it creates.

I definitely want to make some more solids quilts and have a few designs in mind. In fact, I am currently working an a world map quilt using only Kona solids, but that will still take me some time to finish.

I really love pictures of folded up quilts and think that makes a good first photo for Etsy but I really can't decide which of these folded pics I like best. Any suggestions?

So what do you think of this one? Do you like it?

Have a lovely weekend.
Nadine xx


  1. It looks great! I've been using solids now and I love them!
    Yes I agree the first picture is the best =D

  2. I think it is lovely. I've been busy using solids and HSTs lately as well.