Saturday, 8 March 2014

Finished custom order - Triangles galore!!!

Hello all,

you might be thinking I have been really lazy, not a single finished project since we moved in October. Well, fear not, I have been a busy little bee. I have been working on lots of UFOs (just as I pledged when I joined Fabricaholics Anonymous) and have finished, ahem ... can't think how many, really, well almost 10 quilts recently (some more to be quilted).

I have also worked on a custom order for a buyer form the US which took me 3 weeks to make and has just been finished and listed in the shop. I absolutel love this one, I rella need to make more color studies with HST, they are so gorgeous.

The customer wanted a larger version of the triangles quilt I already had in the shop, so that's what I did, same color scheme, same design, same quilting, different fleece on the back.

I will find it hard to see it go, but I have that problem with all of my quilts.

But now that I have finished so many projects I am really itching to buy some fabrics, I kinds think I deserve some. But I guess that would mean breaking my pledge, argh, I didn't expect this to be so hard, given that I have lots of fabrics and really don't need any more.

Oh please give me strength and will power.

How are you getting on with the fabric fast?

Lots of love,