Saturday, 7 March 2015

I'm a quilting machine

I know, SHOCKING, isn't it. I can't believe I have neglected this blog yet again. I suppose when I need to decide between the fabric that is calling for me to cut it up and the computer calling for me to write a blog post, well it's obvious which call I tend to follow.

But I did finish another 12 baby quilts (2 have not been listed yet). I have been trying to use up some stash to make room for new collections, so I made some baby quilts for the shops. 2 quilts have already sold, you see I really left it too late and I am very embarrassed. I should have shown these to you sooner.

But if you are not too mad at me for not blogging more often please have a look at these quilts and let me know what you think of the photos (the links take you to all the other photos in the shop listings, I did not want to include all of those here).

I have treated myself to a new camera, a Canon powershot G16, and I am still trying to figur eit out. My greatest problem is asalways lighting and thse photos were all taken indoors in fairly bad lighting conditions and on an overcast day. I still have to lighten them in photoshop, no camera is going to change that, but I am still eager to improve them.

I love my quilts dearly and always find the photos never do them justice. So any advice is welcome.

I hope you like these.
Lots of love,