Thursday, 13 September 2018

HALFBRITISHSALE 70 items 50% off

Hello all,
I know it has been a while. I have been busy and not complaining about it.

But another things has happened which I have not shared with you yet. As of 11/9 I am a British Citizen. I arrived in the UK exactly 17 years ago, to the day of my citizenship ceremony, so it was just about time I become British and get the right to vote. I have been in this country contributing to society, paying my taxes and welfare contributions for 17 years and could not vote in national elections, no way could I go on like that for much longer.

So yay, I am British now and am celebrating it with a HALFBRITISHSALE in the shop where 70 items, mostly quilts, are 50% off.

Also worth mentioning is that all quilts shipped in the UK get free shipping.

Now let's celebrate everything British (I think it's time I make a Union Jack quilt, no?).

Bottoms up!