Tuesday, 23 December 2014

My placemats in Quilt Now

Hurrah, I am in Quilt Now again. Well, this was the previous issue but typical me, I had no time until now to actually post about these. I love how these placemats have been photographed, how cute are they, ha? I made these when I was obsessed with using up scraps and I wanted to make smaller pieces. That obsession did not last long, I quickly went back to making quilts. But to be honest, I have so many scraps I probably should make more small items and it can't hurt to have a stash of potential presents, especially when I have long stretches at work where I get no sewing done for weeks/months.

I absolutely love these placemats. They look very modern, but sort of retro at the same time. I would say the colors are not quite as dark in real life as they are in the magazine. I will hunt for some more pictures and add them to this post, if I can find any, that is.

I hope you like them. I will show you the quilt that has just been published in the latest Quilt Now in a few days. For now I would like to wish you happy holidays and a few relaxing days before the chaos of the new year ensues.

Merry Christmas,