Saturday, 26 January 2013

Fresh Sewing Day - First Finished quilts of 2013

Hello all,

I am participating in Lynne's Fresh Sewing Day and Small Blog Meet to show off what I have just finished. Go check out her blog Lily's Quilts, it's absolutely inspiring.

So here it goes: I have finished the first 4 quilts of this year, hurrah, and used the snow outside today to take some pictures. (They are not perfect pictures, mind you, still with a slight blueish tint, but I was able to lighten them and I think they will have to do.)

So these are the first few baby quilts of the year. My stock in the quilt shop has dwindled a little bit and I am still determined to come up to 100 items in the shop, as that is supposed to be the magic number when items actually start to sell. So fingers crossed I will get there one day.

I have made one baby boy quilt using the Backyard Baby collection with little bugs in jars in blues and greens with a bit of orange. I absolutely love these fabrics, they are so soft and the designs are adorable.

I have also finished a baby girl quilt using the 'We are going places' collection by Timeless Treasures with little bicycles, cars and scooters in pink green and orange.

The next quilt is my absolute favorite, I adore the Simply Color collection by Moda, the fabrics are so bright and modern.

And the last quilt is made with the Kona Solids Dusty palette in Half Square Triangles. This would actually also make a really good wall hanging, not just a bay quilt.

I hope you like them. I will list all 4 of them in the shop soon.
Let me know what you think.
Love, Nadine

PS: I have already started on the next project, no rest for the wicked, so watch this space. This next quilt uses Lotta Jansdotter's Echo line.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

More Felt Garlands

Hello everyone,

sorry, I do apologize for the bright colors, I hope your eyes can handle them.

 Yep, I have now finished the garlands and have also listed them all in the shop.

There are the red heart garlands I have already shows you, but I have also listed some rainbow colored felt heart garlands.

I made horizontal garlands with 8 colorful felt hearts and here are vertical ones in 2 color orders.

And, TADA, I have also finished all my felt balls, FINALLY. Only took me an eternity to make all of them by hand, my hands still smell of the pomegranate soap I used. And trust me, I will never make any ever again. It just takes too long, it is so much work and then I can only sell them for next to nothing, if at all.

I made about 6 of the felt ball garlands but will only list them one by one.

I hope you like them. Do you work with felt? If so what do you do? I absolutely love working with felt, it is so relaxing, but not making felt balls mind you.

Lots of love,

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Valentines Day Felt Heart Garland

Hello all,

I don't know about you, but I think I have a slightly obsessive nature, I fiddle and make and stitch and always need something to do. And lately I have been obsessed with felt. It is so addictive to stitch felt and it is quite meditative too. It relaxes me probably more than swing on the sewing machine which often gives me a stiff neck.

In any case, here is one of the results of my felt obsession and I have lots more to show you. I have finally managed to take some photos and listed my Valentines Day garlands made with red felt and stitched with small stitches by hand, which was so much fun.

I hope you like these. I added 3 to the shop. I also made some in rainbow colors and some vertical garlands. Plus felt owl decorations and other felt orgnaments. Oh and not to forget, my felt ball garlands. Oh, the time those took to make. But I will leave that for another post.

I hope you like these.

Lots of love,

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Mini Monsters

Hello everyone,

how is your year 2013 so far? Mine has been really busy, I have been quilting away but as always I have no photos to show you as it is simply too dark to take pictures. I see these gorgeous crisp bright photos on other people's blogs all the time and am so jealous as my photos look crap, even when I use a light box and all the lamps I can find. So I always have to wait for some natural light and as those of you in the UK know very well, we don't get much of that here.

But today I can show you the Mini Monsters, which I have finally listed in the shop today. These photos were taken last year and despite having to lighten them a little bit I didn't have to do much. Thank you sun.

I hope you like them. They are all about 10"tall and are therefore the smallest (and cheapest) items in the shop :)

Love, Nadine

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Mad Monsters and Nerdy Nadines in the shop

Hello all,

I was determined to do it today and I DID.

I listed all 10 of the Mad Monsters and also the newest two Nerdy Nadines in the shop.

I hope you like them.


PS: I only have a bunch of Mini Monsters, felt owls and felt garlands to list. But I'll do that some other day.