Thursday 13 September 2018

HALFBRITISHSALE 70 items 50% off

Hello all,
I know it has been a while. I have been busy and not complaining about it.

But another things has happened which I have not shared with you yet. As of 11/9 I am a British Citizen. I arrived in the UK exactly 17 years ago, to the day of my citizenship ceremony, so it was just about time I become British and get the right to vote. I have been in this country contributing to society, paying my taxes and welfare contributions for 17 years and could not vote in national elections, no way could I go on like that for much longer.

So yay, I am British now and am celebrating it with a HALFBRITISHSALE in the shop where 70 items, mostly quilts, are 50% off.

Also worth mentioning is that all quilts shipped in the UK get free shipping.

Now let's celebrate everything British (I think it's time I make a Union Jack quilt, no?).

Bottoms up!

Monday 18 June 2018

Happy Birthday, Etsy. SALE

Hello all,
it has been crazy over here, with so much to do. I can't wait to have some time to share some exciting news with you and to show you what I have been working on. Some secret sewing in the works over here. :O

But today just a quick Sale announcement. It is Etsy's Birthday and you can find many items in the shop with 10% off.

So go have a look and treat yourself or a loved one. Oh, and remember, there is always FREE UK shipping on all quilts.

Lots of love,

Sunday 20 May 2018

A rug for your mug and other dining adventures

Hello everyone,
do you remember these place mats/mug rugs that were published in Quilt Now magazine?

I have to admit, I have completely forgotten how much I loved making place mats. They are small and quick to make and the tight straight line quilting is really therapeutic. 

 In a way these are also quite unusual for me as I didn't until recently use lots of solids and making something completely with solids is a fairly recent passion.

I also have a set of place mats with, wait for it ... Sandy Henderson fabric. I know, swoon right? Remember when we all went nuts over that collection? Well, I still have a little left and think I will make a quilt or maybe a table runner with it.

And then there are the single mug rugs. This one, made with Kaffe Fassett fabrics, is reversible. I used to make everything reversible and stitched everything by hand before I ever had a sewing machine, but people didn't seem to be bothered about it so I stopped. Maybe I need to revisit that? Oh and I think it's time to get my precious double sides hand stitched quilts out and drool over them again. It has been a while.

I hope you like these.
Lots of love and until next time.

Friday 18 May 2018

Small snuggle blankets

Hello everyone,
have you seen my new snuggle blankets yet? I have listed 4 small snuggle blankets in the shop just to see if they will be popular. They all have soft fleece on the back, hence snuggle blanket, and they are all sized to fit in a pram or stroller or of course they can just be used for playing. I have used round corners for these and really love the effect. I might have to explore round corners for quilts too.

They can all be found in the shop:

I can't really pick one but I think this one might be my favorite. I just love the butterflies and the colors are stunning.

This one is made with flannel on the top and fleece on the back and is therefore very aptly named 'Double Snuggle Blanket'. This fabric actually works perfectly for this purpose as it has a nice hand and is much thicker than normal cotton fabrics.


This one is made with linen cotton mix and depicts gorgeous little frogs.


And lastly, this blanket depicts pink cupcakes and works perfectly in a girly nursery.


I hope you like these snuggle blankets. I will probably make some more but hey, as per usual, where will I find the time for all the projects I have planed, eh?

Lots of love,

Wednesday 16 May 2018

Black and White

Hello everyone,
I know, anyone who knows me might think I've gone bonkers as I have always made extremely colorful quilts and have been known to throw the most bright colors together. But you know what, I think although I still love color and will always make colorful quilts, I have really grown to like crisp black and white or neutral monochromatic color schemes lately and I think I will go more in that direction in the future.

Color palettes have been on my mind constantly and I will post about some ideas soon, but for now here is one of my recent black and white quilts. This one is a lap quilt or maybe large baby/toddler quilt or playmat.  I used a number of different black and white prints with some Kona Ash, my go to neutral shade, and I love the result.

I have also started to use black and white a lot with some minor splashes of color, like in this baby quilt. 

And I LOOOOOVE this quilt which used lots of Kona solids with some splashes of black and white. I think I really need to explore this a bit more as I love the effect and I can imagine this in a number of different color palettes.

What do you think? Do you like monochromatic color palettes or black and white quilts?

I have also started a number of other black and white quilts so watch this space.

Love of love,

Sunday 13 May 2018

Are owls still in?

Hi everyone,
do you remember when owls were all the rage and they were everywhere? In quilts of course but on children's clothing, household items, toys, cushions, you name it. 

Well, even if they might not be on trend anymore I still love owls and have a few around our house.  I also have this baby quilt in the shop in my favorite colors, teal, lime, cerise with some splashes of orange.

So what happened to the owl craze? I think it then went on to foxes and then stags and now bears?
So what's next? I am not entirely on top of the trends and really not very good at keeping up with it all. But what animals are trendy now?

Lots of love,

Wednesday 2 May 2018

MAYSALE because it's SPRING

Hello everyone,
I know we are all a bit depressed and the weather has been causing havoc for so long we are all desperate for some sunshine and blue skies. Well, it currently isn't looking too good and the heavens have opened up again to drown us in cold windy buckets of water.

So if this isn't the best time for a sale to brighten our spirits then I don't know what. So to celebrate May and get the sun to come out finally after such a long winter I have added a lot of colorful items, especially baby quilts, to the sale category and they are all 10% off. 

You won't need a coupon, the discount is automatically taken off.

I hope this brightens your spirits a bit and fingers crossed for some Spring weather soon.

Lots of love,