Saturday, 25 October 2014

My first hexies project

 I might have mentioned that I have recently started making hexies. I think watching an episode of Quilt Monkey finally did the trick and got me started.

My first and so far only finished hexies project uses lots of Lotta Jandotter fabrics from her Echo collection. Yes, one of those collections I have had for ages but haven't used much at all.

I do love this quilt a lot and am very proud of the quilting too. I decided to quilt in very small meandering stitches in the negative space and then do a freehand flowery pattern on the hexies.

Next time I make a hexies project like this I will cut away the background fabric behind the hexies. I found they ended up quite bulky but I didn't want the quilt to become less safe and stable if I removed the fabric behind the hexies. I am a bit paranoid that way.

I have now cut out thousands of hexies pieces, smaller than in this quilt, and have started making hexies at out monthly Leeds Modern Quilt Guild meetings. I have to take the train and don't want to move my sewing machien around. It is not in the best condition and not safe for travelling anyway. Besides, it is very loud and I don't want to annoy my fellow quilt members. That's why I have been concentrating on hand sewing.

I will show you those hexies soon, btu I think it will take me another x years to actually make something and I am soooooooo sloooooooow at it.

Lots of love,


  1. I love the layout of your quilt. The split backgrounds is a wonderful modern twist to traditional hexies. Your little hexies are a great idea for traveling and a no fuss project to take along to guild meetings.

    Why don't you add it the the Blogger's Quilt Festival currently open over at

  2. I agree with Karen. You really should enter this in the BQF. It seems that you can't go wrong with hexies right now. You should be very proud of this lovely quilt.

  3. What a great looking modern hexie quilt. I'm working on a quilt with 5/8" hexies and at the rate that grows it may be ready to keep me warm in my retirement.