Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Cuzco Quilt in progress

Hello all,

here is another WiP, a baby quilt made with Kate Spain's Cuzco line.

My, the pile of unfinished quilts is growing, normally very unlike me, I try to, or want to finish one project before starting another. But things have changed, and it's all Jane's fault. Because my craft room is so tiny I can only have one sewing machine up at any given time and the other machine is sitting on the floor and at the moment that's Jane. I'd like to avoid moving the machines around all the time, so I want to piece and prep several projects before I switch the machines and start quilting, FREE MOTION QUILTING, YAY.

So I guess it's for a good reason that I keep adding unfinished projects to the WiP pile. But at some point they will all be finished. Oh, I am so looking forward to the quilting, I hope I can figure it out and won't ruin too many quilts at first, but that's part of it I guess, practice practice PRACTICE.

And on another note:

Can I ask you, my lovely followers, for some advice. This new blog has been used for almost a year now and I am still at only 37 followers. I had about 130 on the old blog but most of them were inactive, it seems, and didn't follow over to this new blog. So what am I doing wrong? What are other people doing who get 300 followers and have started blogging long after I did. What do I need to do to get more followers? What would you like to see more of? Your input would be very much appreciated.

Lots of love and happy crafting,


  1. I have been blogging for four years and only have 166 followers, however, I do have many hits each day. It could be that the people who are reading your blog are not "followers". They may use a different feed reader than Google, or they may just visit on a regular basis rather than subscribing. It is worth having a look at your stats on the Blogger Dashboard to see if there are more hits than followers.

  2. Sorry, can't help with the followers question. I've only been blogging a week or so so I'm on major learning curve myself.

  3. Hmm, very good question. I thought having giveaways would help, but that just seems to bring "inactive" followers who follow just to win and then go away. But then again, I started my blog for the purpose of documenting things I've made. Then it proved to be fun to have people comment and make some "friends." I'll be curious to see what advice you get, Nadine.

  4. Well! I can't really answer that only to say I thought I was following your blog as a member with my little icon in there but no I'm not there! Will rectify that in a mo! You pop up in my emails each time you post, that's how I remember to have a look at you. I find this the easiest way of keeping up to date with blogs that I follow (or thought I followed!! if you get my drift!)

  5. I follow your blog with Google reader - can you see those followers? I find it the best way to keep on top of my (many) favourite blogs, but sympathise if we're invisible readers!!

  6. @Jodi I know what you mean, my blog was also always a means to find other likeminded people and to show what I'm making. But since I am also concerned about publicity when opening my etsy shop(s) it has become a whole other kind of obsession.
    I should just relax and enjoy it really. I have some very great followers and that's really what it is about. That you get to communicate with them rather than having hundreds who don't really see the blog or participate.

  7. @stitched together and fiddly fingers: Oh really? So this means there might be quite a few "hidden" followers, people who follow in different ways but don't show as followers. I always go by that little google mosaic of followers and it says (37) and compared to most people's 200 that seems very little. But thanks for letting me know, that might be an explanation.

  8. @harrysmum To be honest I am not actually sure how it works, I can only see 37 in the widget on the lefthand side and also on my blogger dashboard. No idea how to see google reader followers. But you are all very much appreciated, I think I'd rather have a few good followers I can communicate with than lots of followers who don't really follow.

  9. I can't say I understand a word of this (my 13 year old possibly does!) but this might help you see more of your followers!

  10. I love the sneak of the quilt top! The colours against the dark background really pop!
    I always tend to stick to my own style when blogging, I don't try to be like anyone else. I noticed that giveaways just bring in people who I think follow blogs just to win prizes. When there are giveaways people tend to crawl out of the woodwork.
    Maybe make a few tutorials up as when people search in google your blog will come up.
    Also maybe if you have less going on on your page people may be tempted to read more as they don't have to scroll down too much =D

  11. Thanks Cherie, I know what you mean, I can't do something that's not me, I can't copy other bloggers and their style. And I agree, Giveaways don't really generate followers. I think what does is being seen somewhere else where someone really likes what you do and then they come follow. But I'll have to investigate where being seen would be a good idea.

    And thanks for the advice. I guess I could get rid of the treasuries. I always want to improve my blog, or maybe even start a proper website, one cna get those for free these days, and they often include a blog. But that woudl mean another URL change and I know now how damaging that is, also when it comes to business card ets.


  12. Hi Nadine...I love your quilts and enjoy your blog. I'm also of the mind that one has to be themselves when blogging.

    For me I think a lot of the traffic to ones blog comes through Flickr. I just realized I have over four hundred contacts right there. I've also joined over 50 flickr groups. Any pictures I have in my blog are also in Flickr with a link back to the blog. I'm sure you do this as well, but I've found it to be a very helpful and easy way to grow a blog

    I also believe good tutorials are helpful.

    I think the more swaps and bees etc. you are involved in probably helps as well. I've chosen to limit myself in that area but I can see it as a great way to get know other bloggers.

    I agree with you on the giveaways...not something I'm really into.

    I also try to reply to all my comments....through email and if they are no reply commenters I reply directly on the bllog.

    This is probably more than you wanted to hear. Something else I noticed is I get the most comments when I share my process.

    I hope some of this is helpful. I enjoy reading your blog and your work is wonderful.

  13. THank you, this is really helpful. And I have to admit I am not very disciplined, I never add links to my photos on Flickr. You can't add photos to certain groups I think if there is a promotional link attached. I just hope people will look at my profile and find the links to blog and etsy shops.

    I also have to admit, to my shame, that I have never participated in a swap or a bee. I just haven't got the time and I'm afraid I would be totally behind and never meet any of the deadlines.

    But I do reply to comments, I think that's what blogging is all about, the communication with like minded people. I also am trying to get myself to comment of other people's blogs more. I often just view posts without saying anything and then I go complain that nobody comments on mine. That makes no sense, right? SO I try to do the same and comment mor eon blogs I follow.

    I get your point about writing about my process, I even took the process pledge at some point but had to delete it. My problem is photography. My camera is quite bad and it's hard enough to photograph finished quilts. But taking close up shots of work in progress, showing details is almost impossible. Maybe one day I can get a decent camera, and one that can handle such bad lighting as we have.

    Thanks for all the lovely advice. I love your blog too. Am also very jealous of your house btw and am still hoping you'll adopt me one day.


  14. Oh, and as you can see I am starting to copy my replies to people into the comments on the blog too so everyone can see that conversation (unless it's more of a private nature of course.)

  15. I have been a follower in Google reader for quite some time. Honestly I can not remember how I found you. :( So that is no help. :/ I have noticed though that I often find great blogs by being introduced through other blogs. Are you friends with any other bloggers who would introduce you on their blog? You could reciprocate. Guest host on another blog by giving a synopsis of how you began this trip into Blogland. Show off your projects, too. I can't speak for others, I come mostly to see what your new quilt creations are. I'm one who likes, it seems, the same bright colors and white that you use often so that brings me back. I am guilty of visiting and not leaving a comment. :( Often I just don't know what to say because it seems others have already said it. I don't spend any time pinning or on Flicker. I do follow bloggers on Twitter which might be something you might also consider.....Tweeting that you have posted on your blog so that folks at least see the Tweet and could maybe take a look at your blog. I don't know if I've mentioned anything worthwhile but I do wish you all the best.
    It might also prove beneficial for you to consider turning off word verification. Many people, including myself, are very turned off by word verification that is getting soooo hard to read.