Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Precious Panda

Meet the first Precious Panda. 

Do you like him? I had the idea when I saw some panda shaped paper gift boxes somewhere. He is more a cushion than a toy, he is quite big, about 15 inches. If I decide to make more of them I will have to burn him and that thought is really making me shudder. Can't burn a panda, they are endangered as it is.

I am trying to come up with new ideas for the plushies and am currently contemplating bringing back the personalized owls (and other designs) with letters but also introducing new species. This is the first one. But what other designs do you think I should try? Certain animals? Which ones?

Lots of love, 


  1. That's a good idea! Possibly nice simple ones that don't take ages to sew up, maybe check out google for ideas =D

  2. don't understand why you'd have to burn the panda. I think Panda's and Koala's would be nice. Do you have access to animal print fabrics; what about switching it around. Give a giraffe zebra strips, a monkey could have leopard spots. An elephant could have gifaffe spots(?). Just a thought.

  3. What about baby bath towels in a range of animal prints (or animal print binding). Those hooded ones. I know my sister paid a LOT of money for a certain design with elephants and giraffe, when her youngest was a baby, 3 years ago. Matching wash mittens?

  4. Just looking at your Etsy shop. The butterfly stickers; do you make those with a Cricut machine. Would it cut fabric. Those would be great for applique. I know on ebay (and Keepsake Quilting~a huge quilting resource shop/website in the USA) they have pre-fused shapes for sale. Butterflies, hearts, leaves animals etc., It might be an avenue to explore.....