Sunday, 30 September 2012

Jane is having a bad day

Hello all,

not a happy post today, I am afraid. I have finally set up Jane to get started on Free Motion Quilting a pile of quilts I had been working on. I decided to start with a small quilt thinking I need to get into the FMQ and after practicing a bit on scraps I started with a simple stippling pattern.

But 2 thirds of the way through the quilt it got stuck and I simply could not move it at all whatever I tried, so I had to cut the quilt out of the machine. I ruined the quilt and my supreme slider in the process and had to take Jane apart to get rid of the nest that got stuck under the needle area.

This was my first attempt and I was prepared for some trouble but I am still disappointed.

I have to say I also find the FMQ quite difficult, I know I said this before and the motion is diffucult as it is and I am still practicing a lot. But what I find most difficult is seeing where I am going. I have even sewn over my stippling stitches once because I simply could not see them. I am still undecided whether it's easier to see where I am going when I pull the quilt towards me of when I push it away from me.

Any thoughts or suggestions on how I can improve the visibility and therefore the evenness of the quilt pattern and avoiding stitiching over my quitl lines in the process?

No worries, I am not giving up, but I'd really not want to ruin more quilts.

Love, Nadine


  1. I know this sounds stupid, but you can try using thread that shows up better on your fabric. It is really hard if the thread blends in. Practice on potholders. Keep trying. It really does get easier.

  2. That's a good suggestion, thanks Laura. But to be honest, I think the problem is rather that the whole needle and foot apparatus is in the way and I can't see what's behind it. I always have to look around it to make sure I don't sew over stitches I made before. I think I need to experiment with the direction I sew in and hopefully figure out one that works best.

  3. Oh bummer- make a nice pretty applique to cover the hole, it will still look lovely!