Friday, 14 September 2012

2 Original Oil Paintings

Hello everyone,

... and today another art post. I have just listed 2 original oil paintings in the shop.

I have been thinking about this for ages and there are really 2 problems:

one: I find it impossible to take decent photos of the paintings, and with original paintings one needs a good photo of the actual painting. My prints I can take to the window where they get some light and the photos turn out decent enough. But the paintings are simply too big to put them in the window so the picture are unfortunately quite dark and blurry.

And the second problem is shipping of course. I have decided to put them in the Etsy shop only for shipping with the UK and then the shipping will be free and I'll arrange a courier to pick up and deliver. But if the paintings were to be shipped to the US for instance it would cost almost £90, who would ever pay that?

So let's see what happens. It's worth a try.

Both are oil paintings, quite large, "One bottle red" is 30" x 20" and "Where the sun" is 24" x 30" and both are painted on ready to hang canvas.

Can you see what "Where the sun" depicts? Most people can't figure it out without any help from me, but maybe if you see a smaller image rather than the original it will be easier.

What do you think? Do you like them?

Lots of love,


  1. Two very amazing paintings!
    Is 'Where the Sun' a restaurant scene? The red part looks like there is a digital clock imprinted in it too =D

  2. To me,"Where the Sun" is a female body form. Don't see anything restaurant at all. It's a beautiful painting.